Exporting your plan and assets for the Voosey pipeline

Prepare to upload your plan to Voosey.

Please ensure you are modeling within the guidelines outlined here for best performance.

What you’ll need to upload a plan:

In this guide you’ll export the following for upload to Voosey:

  • ZIP file containing the 3D Model File (.obj) with associated materials
  • Full PDF set for purchase
  • Preview PDF set for shop listing
  • Images and renderings

Exporting your 3D Model

Note: Models with greater than 100,000 polygons may not work properly, or at all, on Voosey.  You may test your model before publishing to ensure it is stable.

  • From your CAD or 3D modeling program of choice, export your 3D model as an .obj (wavefront) file.
    -Ensure your coordinate system uses Y as the vertical axis (up)
    -Enable triangulation if available, depending on your software
    -Enable mesh simplification if available, depending on your software
    -Ensure materials are included with export
  • After export, there should be three files contained in your destination folder:
    -.obj for 3D geometry
    -.mtl for material placement
    -A collection of materials contained either within a new folder or in the current directory
  • Collect these files and compress them all to a single .ZIP file to be used for upload.
    -Instructions for zipping a file can be found here

Exporting your two PDF sets

Voosey requires two unique pdf files per plan listing to protect your intellectual property and ensure users cannot download the files without purchasing.

• Prepare your full set of architectural drawings and all associated construction documents into one single PDF file.
-Export with standard PDF settings

Take this set and watermark it by your method of choice.
There are many ways to watermark a PDF file. You may watermark to your preference so as to defer users from attempting to use them as production plans. Here are a couple options:
Watermark PDF with Preview included free only on MacOS
Watermark PDF with Adobe Acrobat
– Within Archicad, you may add a watermark layer

Preparing your images and renderings

Voosey requires at least one image per plan

There are many ways to include images with your plan listing. High-quality renderings such as those done in Twinmotion, Lumion, Unreal Engine, etc. typically draw the most customer interest, however you also may choose to save time and generate screenshots directly from your modeling application.

Images should be saved in JPEG format and may not be larger than 2400px for upload.


That’s it! Two pdf’s, a 3d model, and some renderings, and you’re ready to publish your plan on Voosey.

Written By

Justin Means

Justin Means

Co-Founder of Voosey