Bring your vision to life in ways never before possible.

Voosey 3 brings an entirely new way to communicate your ideas for architecture and interior design.
Supercharge your creativity with the Generative AI Image Renderer, or merge reality with the metaverse using our cutting-edge spatial and LIDAR tools.
Best of all, it’s free, and runs entirely on-device. Your iPhone and Mac can now generate AI Renders for architecture and interior design without the expensive cloud GPU fees.

Now available on Apple Vision Pro!


Scan homes, buildings, furniture, objects, materials, skyboxes*, and more with the Voosey iOS and iPadOS apps.

Scan Homes and Buildings with Accurate Dimensions

The Structure Scanner uses a fusion of the LIDAR sensor on your iPhone Pro or iPad Pro combined with camera imagery to intelligently map the room into an interactive 3D floor plan.

Export the scanned model to 3D as an OBJ or USDZ file, or export the 2D version as a PDF (DWG support coming soon).

Scan dimensions have been found accurate to the nearest inch or centimeter in ideal conditions.

Scan Furniture and Objects Into Detailed Meshes