Upload and publish your first plan on Voosey

Haven’t exported yet? Check the previous guide: Exporting your plan and assets for the Voosey pipeline

Seller registration and approval

If you haven’t already, you must first apply and be approved as a seller on Voosey.

Access the dashboard

After becoming approved, make sure you are logged in and navigate to your dashboard.

Add a new listing

From the dashboard, add a new listing.

Input metadata

Be sure to include a title, price, categories, and images for your listing. It’s very helpful to add a description and be expressive in your listing, as it’ll be listed higher in search rankings and result in better sales overall.

Upload files

Upload all of the files collected in the previous guide.

Submit and test

Submit your plan and it’ll become published on the Voosey marketplace. It’s recommended to test your model in the Voosey app to ensure the 3D file was exported correctly.

Written By

Justin Means

Justin Means

Co-Founder of Voosey