Reset your password

You may reset your password from within the Voosey app. From the login screen, in the lower right, tap the ‘Reset Password’ button.

Proceed by entering your email address, press submit, then check your email inbox for a code from You may need to check your spam inbox.  

Once you’ve received your code, input it on the next screen and then input your new password to reset.

Delete your account

You may delete your account from within the Voosey App.  From the home page, toggle the Voosey menu in the upper right corner of the screen.  Scroll down, tap on ‘Account’, and from the activated menu, tap ‘Delete Account’.

Please note that deleting your account is permanent and cannot be undone.

Report users and content

It’s unlikely, but if you come across any questionable content on Voosey, your may report it from within the Voosey app.  

To report a showcase, long press the showcase listing from page it’s listed on and press ‘Report’.  Please input any additional information to streamline the moderation process.

To report a user, navigate to the user’s profile by tapping on their information.  Press the actions menu (…), and tap ‘Report’.  Please input any additional information to streamline the moderation process.

Block a user

Should you ever need to block a user due to spam, abuse, or any other reason, you may do so from the Voosey app.

Navigate to the user’s profile page by tapping on the user’s information.  From their profile page, tap the actions menu (…), and press ‘Block’.  The user will now be blocked from loading your profile page and you will no longer see their content listed.

Register as an Architect

If you are an architect or are interested in uploading your models to Voosey, you may register your business through the Voosey app. 

From the main page, toggle the ‘Voosey’ menu in the upper right of the screen.  Scroll down and tap ‘Register Business’.  Proceed to fill out the required form.

Voosey values high quality content and implements measures to combat spam and abuse. We review every business application before it is approved for use on the Voosey platform.  You will receive a notice within a couple of hours about your business registration after submission.

Clear your cache

If you are browsing a lot of showcases, your cache can become large and you may want to free up some space on your device.

You may clear the Voosey cache from the Voosey app.  From the main page, toggle the Voosey menu on the upper right of the screen.  Simply tap ‘Clear Cache’, and Voosey will automatically remove any stored showcases and other cache items.

Still need help?

Please direct any questions, comments, or concerns to our email address:

We’re happy to assist and will be with you within 24 hours.